Roads Transportation

Road transportation is an integral part of logistics freight industry in India. Trucking segment is a major challenge to it. Road freight in India is ever expanding and serves majority of people. Road connectivity is integral part of JCCI Logistics integrated supply chain system. We provide cost-effective logistics solutions that meet business transport needs.

At JCCI Logistics, logistic solutionsusing road network is provided to metro, urban and rural areas across India. With its dedication and prolonged investment in the industry JCCI holds 8 Regional, 35 Area offices and over 30 branches across India.Today we have myriad of vehicles in our fleet, these include trucks, trailers and solely owned vehicles. Fleet also includes forklifts, cranes and material handling equipment.We offer 365 dayslogistic solutions and freight services.

JCCI Logistics Pvt. a leading player in India road transportation industry and domestic freight forwardingfor more than23 years. We remain ahead of our competitors:

  1. We comply with road transportation policies
  2. All our vehicles are tested against pollution control
  3. Inter-state carriage of goods
  4. On time, safe delivery of consignment
  5. Transportation of dangerous goods
  6. Dimensions and maximum weights for all national goods
  7. Roadworthiness test of heavy good vehicles
  8. Transportable pressure equipment available
  9. Daily pick-up is offered
  10. We offer road freight services that include full load, part load, temperature controlled transportation, dangerous goods.